Java 7 language features - Try with Resources statement

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Java has come up with really cool features in version 1.7.Code was named as Dolphin and released on July 28,2011.If you are interested in knowing history of all Java releases,you can go throw my earlier post History of java language.                                      

How to Install Java/JDK on your windows machine

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Let  us see how we can install Java on a windows machine.I am taking here an example of 32 bit Windows 7 machine and the version of Java that we are going to install here is 1.6

Step 1 : Go to Oracle site .I am pasting here the direct link from where Java6 exe can be downloaded.

Adding Custom templates in Eclipse for faster Java development

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As we saw in the last tutorial Eclipse templates for faster java development that eclipse provides some inbuilt templates which we can use to expedite the coding.Apart from that we can create our own custom templates as well for the code which we find repetitive in nature and thus can save our precious time.

History of Java language

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Let us see evaluation of one of the most used programming language today i.e Java.

  • Java language project was started in June 1991 by team of engineers in Sun microsystem including James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton known by Green Team and lead by James Gosling.

How Java is Platform Independent

Anyone who starts learning Java will agree that the first thing they will hear is that Java is Platform Independent language.


For this to understand ,first we need to understand what do we mean by platform.

Platform = Hardware + Operating System