How to Install SVN Plugin in Eclipse

Hi Friends,
In this tutorial we will see how to install SVN plugin in eclipse.
Prerequisite : You should have internet connection.
Steps :

It is a two step process:

Step 1 : Install Subversive Plugin
Step 2 : Install SVN Connector

Step 1 : Install Subversive Plugin
1) Open eclipse 
2) Go to Help menu option -->install new software and click on install new software.
3) Click add button in front of work with drop down.
4) In the opened pop up,give any name in "Name" textbox and in "Location" textbox enter following url:
    and click ok.

   Note : Visit for latest subversive release.
5) Wait for some time it will search for plugins.Select required plugin(s),click next,next and finish and it      will install required plugins.
6) It will ask for restart.Restart Eclipse.

Step 2 : Install SVN Connector

7) Once you have installed subversive plugin and you restart eclipse,subversive will automatically show the dialog that shows Subversive SVN Connectors compatible with the installed version of the plug-in.I selected Native JavaHL 1.8.15 and installed it.
8) Go to Windows -> Show View -> type SVN and select SVN Repositories
8) You will find SVN Repositories tab in eclipse as can be seen in below screenshot

9) You can create a new repository location in the above mentioned tab by right clicking and then selecting New->Repository Location.. and then by entering required SVN URL along with username/password.

Additional Tips 

1) You can download SVN Connector by going to Window->Preferences->SVN->SVN Connector as well.
2) You can download SVN Connector by going to Help-> Install New Software...->Get latest and compatible(with Subversive and OS) Url from and enter in Work With box and click add and then procedd with installation just like you did for subversive above.

That's all.With this we saw that how we can add SVN plugin in eclipse.
If you have any suggestion to add something more to this post,please post in comments section.