How to see maven dependency hierarchy of an artifact in Eclipse

Hello Friends,

In this post,we will learn that how to see maven dependency hierarchy of an artifact in Eclipse.

Step 1 : Open pom.xml which have all dependencies specified in Eclipse.

Step 2 :  Open Dependency Hierarchy tab as can be seen in bottom of above screenshot.

As you can see in above screenshot,here we can see all jars on which a given jar is dependent upon.
For example :
jersey-container-servlet-core : 2.23.2 has dependency on jars as can be seen in following screenshot for compilation :

Now say you want to see ,at which all places a particular Jar is being used ,you can just put name of jar in Filter box and it will show you all Jars which are using given jar as dependency.

For example : Let us try to find where all hk2-locator is being used :

That's it.With this we learnt How to see dependency hierarchies of artifacts in eclipse.

Thanks for reading.Let me know,if you face any issue following above tutorial in comments section.