Eclipse templates for faster Java development

Dear Friends,

In this fast pace world of IT,where one need to deliver within tight schedules,shortcuts are nice way to expedite the task.Let us see some eclipse templates which can act as a shortcut and help in faster development in Java .

All the below screenshots are self explanatory.What you need to do is to press ctrl + space keys after typing the word.

Writing your first Java Program

Hello Friends,

If you have come to this page so that means you are Java enthusiast and looking forward to learn Java.Let me tell you Java is very easy to learn,if you learn some core concepts well.

Okay,Let us create a Java project and write a java program step by step as follow :

How to get value of xml tags from a File

Hi Friends,

Sometime back I cam across situation where I had a very big file(it was log file actually) having multiple xml requests on multiple lines,so that means one xml request per line and I wanted to get values from one particular tag from each request.So I wrote program mentioned in below post,which gave me FileNames from each request.

Let us see now how we can get value of  xml tags from a big file.