Eclipse templates for faster Java development

Dear Friends,

In this fast pace world of IT,where one need to deliver within tight schedules,shortcuts are nice way to expedite the task.Let us see some eclipse templates which can act as a shortcut and help in faster development in Java .

All the below screenshots are self explanatory.What you need to do is to press ctrl + space keys after typing the word.

For e.g ,if you want to have main method in your class,then type main and then press ctrl + space, select main and template of main method will be ready for you.

In the last two screenshots we will see settings for getting these templates work in eclipse.Basically you need to go to Windows ->Preferences->Java->Editor->Templates.There we will find templates for all these shortcuts and for a shortcut  to work, checkbox against that particular template needs to be checked.We can add custom template as well.

Screenshots of some examples

Any feedback ,suggestions ,questions on the post are welcome.